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    • The African Hockey Experience is a unique fundraising trip to one of our communities in Africa. Through the AHX, you can participate in the special exchange between hockey players and people interested in the power of sport. As participant you raise money that goes directly to the projects organised by the coaches you will meet. You personally experience what a difference it makes and what a buzz it creates. Want to be part of our 2020 trip? Check www.africanhockeyexperience.com!  

    • Sticks (and balls, cones and bibs) are used all the time but are difficult to get locally or to get in affordable bulk. So we are very happy if you donate your old ones! Where to donate? At several hockey clubs and in several shops you can donate your stick. You can also bring it to us at an event where we’re present. Or, write us if you want to bring it to our office in Amsterdam, or when you want to start a collection point at your club!
    • Interested in what we do and want to and want to join the team? At the moment, we are looking to expand our team with the following volunteers:
      • Event Team members: as Hockey Dreams we are present at different hockey events and can use your help with for example our hockey game. Interested? Write us at: events@hockeydreams.nl.
      • Equipment Manager: check the vacancy here.
      Enthusiastic about what we do and can help us out in any other way? We’re always looking for driven people who love to work with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us. This also goes for internships. If you are motivated, we can talk about the options! 
      Contact us at info@hockeydreams.nl.  
    • Would you like to support our Hockey Dreams mission? With your help, we can keep supporting our coaches and kids. No matter how big or small the donation is. Every penny counts! Check our donation page


    • Do you share our vision that hockey is for everyone? Then Score 4 Hockey Dreams! With your team, find supporters, family, friends and neigbours who sponsor your team for every goal in the competition or in a tournament. In return, we give your team visibility throughout our social media! Are you a coach or player and interested to start this fundraise next season? Go for it and contact us!

    • Looking for an adventurous team trip? A special exchange of skills between hockey players? We can organise a tailer made African Hockey Experience! At any time a year, to any of our communities. Write us with your ideas!

    • For € 500, our coaches can organise a hockey camp for 150+ girls. In some areas, girls don’t always get the same opportunities as boys and lack the confidence to play with the boys. So we organise camps for girls only to give them an extra opportunity to join the sport. They learn the basics of the sports and there is a social worker present to teach girls about sports in general, themselves, independence, HIV and much more. Our girls receive a good lunch here too.   
      For € 750, a mixed camp for 250+ kids can be organised. This gives them an hockey experience where they receive hockey clinics, social games, workshops about hygiene or respect in sports, teambuilding, tactical sessions and of course a filled stomach for some good energy! 


    • As a club, you know the importance of quality coaches and trainers for running your club. Will you help us help our coaches? With your support, you can make a lasting impact: the coach can finish secondary school, go to college and follow coaching and umpiring courses, skills that also give confidence off the pitch. The indication for a coach going through the full programme is € 5000-7500 (five to eight years; monthly allowance and his/her education).
    • Support our vision and want to put our work in the spotlights? You can host an event to raise awareness and funds for our programme. Invite us to your family tournament, your annual final BBQ or the Business league. Contact us and we will explore the options!

    • Every year, we invite one or two of the most motivated of our coaches for a special internship: the Hockey Dreams Trip. The coaches will come The Netherlands for a few weeks to learn more about hockey club culture here, grow as a coach in the camps of our partner SportWays and share their spirit with the kids and coaches here. All the impressions, drills and games they learn here, they bring back to elevate the hockey in their own community. If you can help with the funding of a trip, the coach can visit your club and give a clinic to your team.


    • Want to join our mission to enable local learning opportunities through hockey communities? To guarantee sustainability of our programme and organisation, we are looking for partners who want to support our mission for multiple years. Get in touch with us and let’s create added value for both of our parties!

    Interested in doing great things together?


    Hockey equipment is essential to our programmes. We are very happy we get offered a lot! We do have some considerations to keep our communities as sustainable as possible. Therefore there are 4 key elements we look at about what to collect and ship to our communities. In the sections below, you can read our vision on different items, and on ‘Getting equipment to us and to Africa’. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: sticks@hockeydreams.nl

    Local market

    We aim to promote the local economy where we can.


    The shipped equipment gets used everyday, all day.


    Getting equipment to our communities is an operational mission.


    We have limited space to store equipment.

    Yes please to all of these! Sticks, balls, cones and bibs are used all the time (sticks for example rotate and might be used by ten different kids in one session) but are difficult to get locally or to get in affordable bulk. Please do check the state, in particular of your stick; it’s not worth the transport if it can’t be used on arrival.

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    Hockey Dreams x Redbeans Tour

    At Redbeans, they like the fact of working together as a team. That’s why they partnered up with us since 2019 and we started the Hockey Dreams x Redbeans tour throughout the Netherlands: a serie of events where we collect hockey sticks, tell visitors about the foundation and make sure everyone gets a good cup of coffee. Together we support the development of our coaches and kids!

    In 2020, we’re visiting many locations in the Netherlands again. Would you like to make a reservation for your event? Send us message through events@hockeydreams.nl and we’ll have a look at the planning! 

    collected hockey sticks
    served cups of coffee
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    • 17 May 2019

      Phoenix (Zeist)

      Business Trophy

    • 5 June 2019

      Phoenix (Zeist)

      Youth last day of the season

    • 8 June 2019

      BMHV (Baarn)

      Youth last day of the season

    • 15 June 2019

      AH&BC (Amsterdam)

      Youth National Championship