What if we would tell you,
e can actually make a difference
through the power of sports?


A future through hockey.

Hockey Dreams Foundation aims to enable a better future through hockey. We do this by developing sustainable hockey communities: the hockey pitch provides a background for local learning opportunities. Coaches and kids from communities with challenging circumstances come together through their shared passion for the hockey sport. Together they play, share, learn and grow. Hockey Dreams Foundation is there to assist youth in realizing their ambitions for a better future. The players and coaches of today, gain the confidence and competences to be the game changers of tomorrow.


Coaches in our Academy
Reusable hockey sticks a second life in our communities
African kids participating in weekly clinics (and counting!)
Local schools and projects linked to our programmes

Our Stories

What drives our coaches, how do they develop themselves and what is their dream? These are the stories of our coaches Martha and Shadrick. They both had a rough start, but are now making their way through life within the Hockey Dreams community.  

The story of Martha Kalomo

The story of Shadrick Katele