The kick-off

How it all started.. Hockey Dreams Foundation was founded by Gijs Hardeman in April 2012. At that time, the foundation was known as the Kadish Foundation. Gijs started the foundation after working for the Dutch hockey association in Zambia for half a year. Invited by the IOC, the Dutch hockey association supported a hockey program at the new artificial grass pitch in the middle of the compounds in Lusaka. The hockey coaches introduced the sport within this community.

With all his power, Gijs created this project. His disappointment after returning in the Netherlands and leaving all the people he met there was big.
However, he decided to continue: Hockey Dreams Foundation was born.


What we do

A future through hockey. The Hockey Dreams Foundation is using hockey as a tool to provide youth a better future. We create worldwide opportunities and we provide the base for development. We highly believe that sport development has the ability to improve communities. Besides, through sport many people can be reached. Our focus is on our coaches, who we enable to get education and develop on personal and environmental level, because they are our foundation for the community.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It speaks to youth in a language they understand.
Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.”
– Nelson Mandela, 2000

How we do it

Binnen Hockey Dreams richten wij ons op onze coaches en stellen hun educatieve, persoonlijke en maatschappelijke ontwikkeling voorop, omdat zij voor ons het fundament van de community zijn. Maar daar bereiken we zoveel meer mee.

Hockey Dreams infographic community

Ons concept

Ons Werk

Ten coaches per community, all of them coming from the compounds, who are the organisation: the regional hockey clubs. The clubs are similar to the clubs we know in the Netherlands: training, competition, equipment and everything concerning sport organisations.

Ons Werk

Hundreds of kids are accompanied by our coaches as well on the pitch as outside. The coaches motivate them to play in a safe environment and are the example of a bright future, no matter where you come from. The children learn the importance of cooperating, respect each other and how to set goals. Other subjects appointed are health and hygiene.

Ons Werk

Thousands of people are reached through the project of the Hockey Dreams Foundation, not only coaches and children. By creating a healthy and safe sport community, we stimulate parents, family members, friends and other athletes to be part of this developed, self-sufficient and sustainable community.

A sustainable community

How do we do it? We share our knowledge with the coaches and we provide them opportunities for education and we provide equipment. Every coach is assigned a project with responsibilities. By performing their tasks, all the coaches receive an allowance. In our believe this is the best way to keep the knowledge over there long-term.

The result will be a self-sustaining community. When a coach sport is available, the coaches choose their successor themselves. It is also their responsibility to make them familiar with the organization. This way the knowledge is transferred by locals instead of people from abroad.


Young professionals

Our goal is for coaches to be able to provide their family with the necessities of life. Secondly the coaches have the opportunity to finish their high school, learn the English language, follow a computer class and possibly attend college. The Hockey Dreams Foundation provide financial help for these services for coaches to develop into young professional. Coaches also develop personally: they become role models because of their work and responsibilities.


Our programs

De financiering van de projecten in verschillende landen en regio’s komt voornamelijk uit Nederland. Het gaat dan om particuliere en zakelijke donaties, acties vanuit hockeyclubs of teams, subsidies en activiteiten die we zelf op touw zetten. We denken voor donateurs altijd na over het voordeel dat zij – naast het meebouwen aan dit project – er zelf uit kunnen halen en stellen hiervoor gezamenlijk een passend plan op.

Per land is een community opgebouwd uit acht verschillende programma’s, die samen het fundament van de community vormen. Wij streven ernaar om minimaal één keer per jaar een bezoek te brengen aan de communities, waarbij we een evaluatie opstellen en het proces van de programma’s monitoren.

Coach Programma

College Fund

Hockey Dreams 

Hockey Camps

Hockey Stixx!


Girls First

Super 5’s


Where we work

Hockey Dreams started in Zambia, the beating hart of the foundation. Our dream is to work in 10+ countries en get as many people involved in our vision and ideas about how to create a better world through hockey. At the moment, we operate in the countries below.






At this point, Hockey Dreams is working in different countries. In Zambia, the pioneers coaches finished their high school and a few of them are now attending college. We believe they should be an example for all youth from their community. Sport has the ability to remove children from using drugs or get in touch with criminal activities and the hockeyclubs are a safe environment for them. We have seen our method resulted in changes. Zambia is a good example of a project which changed the life of ten underprivileged coaches. They are attending school, they are developing as a person, they are able to take care of friends and family and they have become a role model for many people around them.


Our dream 

Our dream is to work in ten different countries. We would like the coaches to find a job which enables them to take care for themselves and their families. Preferably it would be amazing if they could keep the organisation alive by teaching the new generation coaches themselves and come up with finance through local sponsorships. Making this possible would close the circle. The hockey dreams foundation could, in that case, slowly take their hands of the project and watch from the side-lines.


  • Februari 2017

    AH&BC D1 bezoekt Zambia

    AH&BC D1 bezoekt Zambia

    Amsterdam Dames 1 bezoekt Zambia en bezoekt de projecten van de foundation.

  • Januari 2017



    Bjorn Kellerman en Maria Verschoor verbinden zich als ambassadeurs aan de Hockey Dreams Foundation.

  • Oktober 2016

    Hockey Dreams Foundation

    Naamsverandering naar Hockey Dreams Foundation

  • Oktober 2016

    Coach Samuel

    Coach Samuel uit Zambia bezoekt Nederland voor drie maanden om mee te helpen bij de kampen van SportWays, te coache bij Hockeyclub Amsterdam en om zelf mee te spelen bij Baarn Heren 1.

  • Mei 2016

    Community Oeganda

    Als derde officiële community wordt Oeganda toegevoegd aan de foundation.

  • Januari 2016



    De eerste twee coaches uit Zambia beginnen met hun studie Hospitably Management.

  • December 2015

    Groot transport met hockeyspullen

    Groot transport met hockeyspullen

    Een container vol hockeyspullen wordt getransporteerd naar Zambia.

  • November 2013

    Community Malawi

    Malawi wordt als tweede officiële community land toegevoegd aan de foundation.

  • Juli 2013

    African Hockey Experience

    African Hockey Experience

    De eerste editie van de African Hockey Experience wordt gelanceerd in Zambia. Opbrengst van dit evenement was ruim €10.000,-.

  • Augustus 2012

    Coach bezoekt Nederland

    Coach bezoekt Nederland

    De eerste coach uit Zambia bezoekt Nederland en helpt mee bij de SportWays hockeykampen.

  • April 2012

    Oprichting foundation

    Op 16 april wordt de foundation opgericht.