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A future through hockey!


Supporting Hockey Dreams in general, means you help us to reach our long term goals. We use hockey as a tool to provide youth a better future. We create worldwide opportunities and we provide the base for development. We highly believe that sport development has the ability to improve communities. Besides, through sport many people can be reached. Our focus is on our coaches, who we enable to get education and develop on personal and environmental level, because they are our foundation for the community. In the Hockey Dreams communities, they create their own future. A future through hockey.


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100 children, 20 staff members, 3 days of hockey. The coaches come up with the program, the food, the social games and everything else what needs to be organized for a hockey camp. By doing this, the coaches can also develop themselves by speaking for a group of people or how to motivate children. There is a yearly personal Hockey Dream in Amsterdam, when a promising Hockey Dreams coach comes to the SportWays camps. They can use their gained knowledge when they organise local hockey camps to make sure children can play sports in a safe environment, but even more important, they get served free lunch. By doing this, the underprivileged children can have a filled stomach and a safe afternoon full of hockey fun. With a contribution of 10 euros you can already support us! This provides a 3-days hockey camp for 1 kid. Are you in?

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One of the big pointers we have at Hockey Dreams, is the importance of education. Our coaches get the chance to get things together at school, finish their education, do an internship, learn how to read and write, practice English and get an IT course. We believe they should be an example for all youth from their community. Sport has the ability to remove children from using drugs or get in touch with criminal activities and the hockeyclubs are a safe environment for them. We have seen our method resulted in changes.  They are attending school, they are developing as a person, they are able to take care of friends and family and they have become a role model for many people around them. For 750 euros, we can provide the educational process for 1 coach for 1 year. Will you help us to achieve that as many coaches possible can join the College Fund?

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