Our dream

A better future …

Our dream is to work in ten different developing countries. We would like the coaches to find a job which enables them to take care for themselves and their families. Preferably it would be amazing if they could keep the organisation alive by teaching the new generation coaches themselves and come up with finance through local sponsorships. Making this possible would close the circle. Hockey Dreams could, in that case, slowly take their hands of the project and watch from the side-lines.

Our mission

… through hockey…

The Hockey Dreams Foundation aims to create a better future through sport. Worldwide we stimulate the development of young coaches. These coaches – besides being a coach – also finish their school and have the opportunity to attend college. We create a healthy sport community, which enables coaches to make dreams come true, develop people personally, socially and sportive wise and keep all hockey players away from drugs and criminal activities.

Our vision

… for every coach …

Our vision is to provide the opportunity for a better future for every coach and his/her pupils, irrespectively origin, believe, race or nature. Our aim is to achieve this through sport and specifically through our local coaches. They are the key for our organization. They can develop personally by finishing their school, attend college and find a job as a young professional. And, they can transfer the message towards others. It is their job to create a safe sport environment where children can play and have fun.

Our contribution

… and a better world.

Our mission supports the Global Goals with gratitude – created by the United Nations – aiming to make the world a better and more sustainable place by 2030. As an organisation, we are focusing on these goals hoping to spread this message. 

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The team





Hockey Dreams Maria Verschoor international amsterdam hockey

Maria Verschoor
Dutch international & player Hockey club Amsterdam

“By letting the kids play hockey, they stay away from bad behavior on the streets. You learn them to play together, and let them have fun.”

Hockey Dreams Bjorn Kellerman hockey kampong international

Bjorn Kellerman
Dutch international & player  Hockey club Kampong

“Every kid should have the opportunity to play sports. We go even a step beyond by providing them chances to develop them on a social level.”

Meer lezen over de hockeydromen van onze ambassadeurs Maria en Bjorn? Klik hier.

Hockey Dreams voorzitter janwillem

Jan Willem Bredius | janwillem@hockeydreams.nl

“What I think is so special about our foundation, is that we operate with a small team, that works hands-on and is very involved. We create changes where they’re needed. A future through hockey!”

Hockey Dreams Tjarko Tadema

Tjarko Tadema

“I am so grateful for being part of a foundation that makes dreams come true. Everyone should be allowed to achieve their goals and the fact that it’s because of my own passion for hockey makes it even more beautiful.” 





Hockey Dreams claudia makumbe

Claudia Makumbe

“Hockey Dreams is the perfect model of how to make us of sport as a tool for development. My interest in Africa has always been very large, and I would love to see that because of our foundation thousands of kids can play hockey together!” 

Hockey Dreams Hugo van Donselaar

Hugo van Donselaar
Board member

“Sport and management – as it’s also my education – has been a passion since a was young. I’m involved with the foundation for already a few years, and I contribute to Hockey Dreams in every aspect that I can.” 

Hockey Dreams Freek Tonis

Freek Tönis
Board member

“I am absolutely sure that the right way of (re)building communities, is through sports and play. It is not only ‘joyful’, but also includes a lot of other different benefits.” 




Operational team

Hockey Dreams Sebastiaan Kasteele

Sebastiaan vd Kasteele | sebastiaan@hockeydreams.nl
Operationeel Manager
“Hockey Dreams changes lives, I have seen it with my own eyes. The way the coaches get a chance for a better future from a bad position, to actually live again, is priceless.”

Malou Janssen | malou@hockeydreams.nl 
Communication & PR
“Young people are so important for the development of a community. Hockey Dreams is a very special, and sustainable organization that wants to create opportunities for precisely these coaches. And they all have their own story.”

Tess de Munk | tess@hockeydreams.nl

“The goal of my internship is to get to know Hockey Dreams better. Furthermore, I will raise awareness of the foundation amongst audience. All for a better future for children in Africa.”

Hockey Dreams Ray van der Klis

Ray v.d. Klis | ray@hockeydreams.nl
“Hockey Dreams gives young coaches the chance to develop as a player, as a human being, but even more important: as a role model to others.” 

Hockey Dreams Lotte Mout

Lotte Mout
The joy and fun in the kids’ eyes when they can play hockey, is something I will never forget and what I would like to give even more kids!”

Hockey Dreams Ineke Botden

Ineke Botden
Accountmanager Zambia

Hockey Dreams Jelle Rowold Corine Oudewaal

Jelle Rowold & Corine Oudewaal
Accountmanagers Malawi
“In 2013 zijn we voor de Hockey Dreams Foundation naar Afrika gegaan. We hebben verschillende activiteiten ondernomen in Oeganda, Malawi en Zambia. We hebben warme herinneringen aan onze reis, vooral door de mensen die we hebben ontmoet. Sport verbindt en de Hockey Dreams Foundation maakt dat mogelijk.

Net zo bijzonder vonden we het om de coaches, Floyd, Elvis, Martha, Prince en Samuel in Nederland te ontmoeten. Geoffrey is tijdens zijn Hockey Dream drie weken bij ons gebleven, een uniek weerzien. Dat is ons doel voor de Hockey Dreams Foundation de komende tijd: uitwisseling mogelijk maken, ervaringen delen en jongeren een kans geven. Het is mooi dat dit alles voortkomt uit onze gedeelde passie voor hockey!”




Community Coordinators

Hockey Dreams Josefien de Ridder Oeganda

Josefien de Ridder
Accountmanager Oeganda
“Gyebale ko Hockey Dreams Foundation! Mijn naam is Josefien de Ridder, ik woon en werk (en hockey!) in Kampala, Oeganda. Ik vind het geweldig om deel uit te maken van het team omdat we mensen met uiteenlopende nationaliteiten en culturen verbinden met één verbindende factor: de passie voor hockey. De sport is een prachtig middel om bruggen te slaan en te leren samenwerken. In Oeganda is goed te zien hoe hockeyen, trainen en coachen potentie heeft om vaak kansarme kinderen te helpen meer structuur in hun leven te geven, zelfvertrouwen te krijgen  en normen en waarden te ontwikkelen. En natuurlijk: plezier te maken!
Mijn droom is met HDF hockey families te bouwen en hierdoor ‘happy places’ en veilige havens te creëren op en rond het hockeyveld in Oeganda en in de rest van Afrika.”

Annual reports

With support of our sponsors, partners, suppliers and other supporters, Hockey Dreams has been able to contribute a lot on the future of youth in developing countries through sport.
Here’s an overview of our (digital) annual reports to show our impact, achievements and financial responsibility.

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